Torcoed Welsh Mountain Ponies



Doesn't time fly! Is'nt it hard to believe another whole year has passed us by.

It is time to get some updated pictures of our Youngstock & 2014 foals but doing so during the depths of winter isn't the best option, however pictures will be updated ASAP.   

Torcoed Billie-Jean 2014 Filly

Blaenau Vishap X Forlan Belle-Rosa


 Pendock Mirage x Pendock Primadonna 2010

Pendock Gabriella Pendock Mirage Revel Jeeves Bengad Parrotia
Revel Jewel
Pendock Minibelle Twyford Juggler
Pendock Bluebell
Pendock Primadonna Twyford Juggler Twyford Puzzle
Revel Jem
Pendock Belladonna Revel Jeeves
Pendock Mirabel
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19th June 2010 - 31st October 2010

 Nansus Amaryllis's foal: A filly foal Torcoed Amethyst  


Torcoed Amethyst Blaenau Free Spirit Revel Spirit Revel Polish
Cwrtygaer Solstice
Blaenau Fantasy Dyfed Scamp
Blaenau Farlan
Nansus Amaryllis Twyford Gwilym Twyford Anthem
Twyford Gaiety
Nansus Amanda Revel Waltzer
Vinesend Miranda
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                         Both Sired by: Blaenau Freespirit



Torcoed Kaspian 2008 (Synod Applause x Waunebbw Kariad) This picture was taken earlier in 2012 shortly after being gelded. Pictured with his owner Mr G Rogers.



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