Torcoed Welsh Mountain Ponies



 Blaenau Dizzy (Moorcock Halcyon x Blaenau Dignaty) 

Dizzy was foaled in 2002 and has been shown extensively in her younger years with considerable success.

We would like to thank the Greenow family, especially Ian for letting Dizzy come to us.

Due to her wonderful kind temperament, we decided to purchase Dizzy in order that our two older sons could start their showing career in earnest in the 2014 show season.


 Nansus Amaryllus 2005 (Twyford Gwilym x Nansus Amanda)

Nansus Amaryllus (Kitty) was purchased as a 2 year old in Hay-on -Wye in 2007 as a riding pony for our son Rhys. It was a little bit of an impulse buy, she is a truly fantastic pony who we wouldn't be without. This is a pony with a fabulous nature and is a true childrens pony. This wonderful nature was certainly passed on to her filly foal Torcoed Amethyst by Blaenau Freespirit  who was born on 19th June 2010.

Kitty is a lovely pony and is very typical of the Twyford lines, she is a lovely bright bay with a blaze and four perfect white socks. Kitty was left empty both in 2011 & 2012.

Nansus Amaryllis Twyford Gwilym Twyford Anthem Twyford Gamecock
Stoatley Another Minx
Twyford Gaiety Scrafton Night Owl
Twyford Gaudy
Nansus Amanda Revel Waltzer Revel Haven
Revel Curtsey
Vinesend Miranda Cui Becket
Hinton Powder Puff
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 Glyncoch Tania 2004 (Friars Rupertino x Crossbrook Tania )

 Purchased at Hay-on-Wye Autumn 2008 A filly that is a slightly different choice to that of our other ponies.

 She has super breeding which includes 3 crosses of the renowned Stallion Cefnfedw Golden Glory.

 This is a pony who enjoys really turning on the charm on entering the show ring and really turns heads. Only lightly shown   but we have had some excellent success with her.

Due to a change of circumstances we are sadly offering this beautiful pony for sale. We believe that she is ready now to go on to be broken as a fantastic ridden pony. She has a sweet and gentle nature and has always been surrounded & handled by our young children. With her lovely bloodlines she could easily become a very valuable broodmare. She is without doubt certain to breed you colour. We have run her with our palomino stallion Blaeanau Vishap this year.

Please contact us for further information.


Glyncoch Tania Friars Rupertino Cefnfedw Golden Glory Granville Gaurdsman
Gwynion Nutmeg No: 14811-FS2
Friars Cornflower Friars Ranger
Friars Quicksilver 15504-FS2
Crossbrook Tania Brierdene Brenin Twyford Noggin
Glenhyng Rachel
Crossbrook Duchess Wells Vendor
Crossbrook Llinos
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 Waunebbw Kariad 2002 (Tryfel Birthday Boy x Cascob Katie)

A beautiful bay almost black mare (out of two grey parents) whom we purchased in 2002 at Hay -on Wye from the Woodland family.

Kariad is a fantastic broodmare and a very sweet natured mare, she has gven us some fabulous foals, including her 2007 filly foal Torcoed Karenza by Synod Applause who has been retained and we are extremley proud of.


Waunebbw Kariad Tryfel Birthday Boy Revel Provence Revel Humming Top
Revel Petra
Vaynor Perpetual Werncochlyn Perseus
Vaynor Pollianna
Cascob Katie Betws Dafydd Skellorn Justin
Betws Glenys
Cascob Silver Sprite Cascob SilverGhost
Craven Katie
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Torcoed Seren-Haf 2002 (Blaenau Playday x Dyfed CrackerJack)

 (Photo to be Updated)  Blaenau Playday X Super Premium Stallion Dyfed CrackerJack. Seren was Bracken's first foal. She is a dark Bay & lovely natured mare who does her foals well. To date we have retained one filly foal from her Torcoed Serenity.

Torcoed Seren-Haf Dyfed CrackerJack Revel Polish Revel Chelsea Fan
Clan Peggy
Clan Peggy Dyfed Geraint
Dyfed Choice
Blaenau Playday Moorcock Halcyon Pennant Boy Blue
Moorcock Ymson
Blaenau Playtime Dyfed Gethyn
Craven Katie
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Torcoed Serenity 2008 (Torcoed Seren - Haf x Littlewern Apollo)

Torcoed Serenity is by the former Premium Stallion Littlewern Apollo.

 Her pedigree is full of quality bloodlines.  

Torcoed Serenity Littlewern Apollo Dyfed Gethyn Revel HallMark
Dyfed Gwen
Dyfed Abergail Dyfed Lord Nelson
Dyfed Anwen
Torcoed Seren-Haf Dyfed Crackerjack Revel Polish
Dyfed Chiffon
Blaenau Playday Moorcock Halcyon
Blaenau Playtime
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